Our Capabilityon Hawker

Our Capability on Hawker


The durable Hawker line is supported by Textron Aviation. TAG Maintenance Services has the capability to provide line service for the Hawker 800 and 900 series aircraft, which continue to find a loyal following in Europe and beyond.

Aircraft Type approvals

Our capability on Hawker aircraft type
Hawker 1000 | Bae 125 series 1000 (PW305)
Hawker 750 | Hawker 750 (TFE731-5)
Hawker 800 (TFE 731)
Hawker 800XP | Hawker 800XP (TFE731-5)
Hawker 850XP | Hawker 850XP (TFE731-5)
Hawker 900XP | Hawker 900XP (TFE731-50)