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COVID-19 | Update

  • COVID-19 | Update

Health and safety of our employees, partners & customers is our top priority.

Geneva, 19th March 2020 -  As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread further, it seems important to us to share with you the measures taken at Dassault Falcon Service and TAG Maintenance Services to ensure your safety.

The management of Dassault Falcon Service and TAG Maintenance Services take this situation very seriously and strictly follow the recommendations of the health advisories and local governments, with the dual objective of not exposing you and our staff to undue risk and ensuring the continuity of our operations as much as possible.

A COVID-19 monitoring committee was set up as soon as the first alerts were raised and ensures the coordination of actions and continuously monitors the evolution of the situation.


An awareness campaign on good practices and daily habits was launched, notably to encourage all our employees to apply preventive measures as washing their hands, maintaining social distancing... All sites cleaning services have been reinforced with an emphasis on preventive disinfection of our facilities.

People with known pathologies and obviously all our employees showing any symptoms of the virus are required to stay home and to immediately contact their manager and medical care provider.


As of now, and until further notice, we have decided to reduce contacts between staff members. Only employees necessary for the essential functioning of the company are authorized to work on-site, all others are working remotely. Customers and visitors are no longer allowed to enter our facilities if it is not strictly required.


As a preventive measure, we systematically disinfect the cabin of all aircraft coming to our facilities for maintenance operations, and upon release of the aircraft. These disinfections are done using the same device that is used by health services.

Should you need to cease your aircraft operation during this period, all our team remain at your disposal for any parking, hangar or preservation request.

Due to this special situation, our Regional Sales Managers will contact soon our customers in order to discuss the best conceivable solution for their ongoing and upcoming maintenance projects, taking into account that the ability of our facilities to enter new projects is reviewed daily by the upper management and depends on the availability of personnel and of the responsiveness of the supply chain.

AOG support will stay open but will be limited by restrictions to travel set in place by governments. Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

On behalf of the entire Dassault Falcon Service and TAG Maintenance Services' teams, we want to reiterate that we put the safety of our people and customers at the forefront of all our services.

We thank you for your understanding, your support and your loyalty, and remain convinced that thanks to our customers and our people, we will emerge stronger.

We will keep your updated on this issue, as the situation is constantly moving.